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#ifndef __plot3d_2003_06_09_12_14__
#define __plot3d_2003_06_09_12_14__

#include "qwt3d_coordsys.h"
#include "qwt3d_enrichment_std.h"

namespace Qwt3D
//! Base class for all plotting widgets
  Plot3D handles all the common features for plotting widgets - coordinate system, transformations, mouse/keyboard
  handling, labeling etc.. It contains some pure virtual functions and is, in so far, an abstract base class.
      The class provides interfaces for data handling and implements basic data controlled color allocation.
00016 class QWT3D_EXPORT Plot3D : public QGLWidget

    Plot3D( QWidget* parent = 0, const char* name = 0 );
    virtual ~Plot3D();

        void updateData(); //!< Recalculate data
            void createCoordinateSystem(Qwt3D::Triple beg, Qwt3D::Triple end);
00027             Qwt3D::CoordinateSystem* coordinates() { return &coordinates_p; } //!< Returns pointer to CoordinateSystem object
00028             Qwt3D::ColorLegend* legend() { return &legend_;} //!< Returns pointer to ColorLegend object
00030             double xRotation() const { return xRot_;}  //!< Returns rotation around X axis [-360..360] (some angles are equivalent)
00031             double yRotation() const { return yRot_;}  //!< Returns rotation around Y axis [-360..360] (some angles are equivalent)
00032             double zRotation() const { return zRot_;}  //!< Returns rotation around Z axis [-360..360] (some angles are equivalent)

00034             double xShift() const { return xShift_;} //!< Returns shift along X axis (object coordinates)
00035             double yShift() const { return yShift_;} //!< Returns shift along Y axis (object coordinates)
00036             double zShift() const { return zShift_;} //!< Returns shift along Z axis (object coordinates)
00038             double xViewportShift() const { return xVPShift_;} //!< Returns relative shift [-1..1] along X axis (view coordinates)
00039             double yViewportShift() const { return yVPShift_;} //!< Returns relative shift [-1..1] along Y axis (view coordinates)
00041             double xScale() const { return xScale_;} //!< Returns scaling for X values [0..inf]
00042             double yScale() const { return yScale_;} //!< Returns scaling for Y values [0..inf]
00043             double zScale() const { return zScale_;} //!< Returns scaling for Z values [0..inf]

00045             double zoom() const { return zoom_;} //!< Returns zoom (0..inf)

00047             bool ortho() const { return ortho_; } //!< Returns orthogonal (true) or perspective (false) projection
            void setPlotStyle( Qwt3D::PLOTSTYLE val);
            Qwt3D::Enrichment* setPlotStyle( Qwt3D::Enrichment const& val);
00050             Qwt3D::PLOTSTYLE plotStyle() const { return plotstyle_; }//!< Returns plotting style
    //! Returns current Enrichment object used for plotting styles (if set, zero else)
00052     Qwt3D::Enrichment* userStyle() const { return userplotstyle_p; }
    void          setShading( Qwt3D::SHADINGSTYLE val );
00054             Qwt3D::SHADINGSTYLE shading() const { return shading_; }//!< Returns shading style
            void setIsolines(int isolines);
00056             int isolines() const { return isolines_;} //!< Returns number of isolines
00058       void setSmoothMesh(bool val) {smoothdatamesh_p = val;} //!< Enables/disables smooth data mesh lines. Default is false
00059     bool smoothDataMesh() const {return smoothdatamesh_p;} //!< True if mesh antialiasing is on
            void setBackgroundColor(Qwt3D::RGBA rgba); //!< Sets widgets background color
00061             Qwt3D::RGBA backgroundRGBAColor() const {return bgcolor_;} //!< Returns the widgets background color
            void setMeshColor(Qwt3D::RGBA rgba); //!< Sets color for data mesh
00063             Qwt3D::RGBA meshColor() const {return meshcolor_;} //!< Returns color for data mesh
            void setMeshLineWidth(double lw); //!< Sets line width for data mesh
00065             double meshLineWidth() const {return meshLineWidth_;} //!< Returns line width for data mesh
            void setDataColor(Color* col); //!< Sets new data color object
00067     const Color* dataColor() const {return datacolor_p;} //!< Returns data color object

    virtual Qwt3D::Enrichment* addEnrichment(Qwt3D::Enrichment const&); //!< Add an Enrichment
    virtual bool degrade(Qwt3D::Enrichment*); //!< Remove an Enrichment

00072             Qwt3D::ParallelEpiped hull() const { return hull_;} //!< Returns rectangular hull   

            void showColorLegend(bool);
            void setCoordinateStyle(Qwt3D::COORDSTYLE st); //!< Sets style of coordinate system.
            void setPolygonOffset(double d);
00078             double polygonOffset() const {return polygonOffset_;} //!< Returns relative value for polygon offset [0..1]
            void setTitlePosition(double rely, double relx = 0.5, Qwt3D::ANCHOR = Qwt3D::TopCenter);
            void setTitleFont(const QString& family, int pointSize, int weight = QFont::Normal, bool italic = false);
00082             void setTitleColor(Qwt3D::RGBA col) {title_.setColor(col);} //!< Set caption color
00083             void setTitle(const QString& title) {title_.setString(title);} //!< Set caption text (one row only)

            void assignMouse(int xrot, int yrot, int zrot,
                                                             int xscale, int yscale, int zscale,
                                                             int zoom, int xshift, int yshift);
            bool mouseEnabled() const; //!< Returns true, if the widget accept mouse input from the user
            void assignKeyboard(
       int xrot_n, int xrot_p
      ,int yrot_n, int yrot_p
      ,int zrot_n, int zrot_p
                  ,int xscale_n, int xscale_p 
      ,int yscale_n, int yscale_p
      ,int zscale_n, int zscale_p
                  ,int zoom_n, int zoom_p
      ,int xshift_n, int xshift_p
      ,int yshift_n, int yshift_p
            bool keyboardEnabled() const; //!< Returns true, if the widget accept keyboard input from the user
    //! Sets speed for keyboard driven transformations
    void setKeySpeed(double rot, double scale, double shift); 
    //! Gets speed for keyboard driven transformations
    void keySpeed(double& rot, double& scale, double& shift) const; 
    bool lightingEnabled() const; //!< Returns true, if Lighting is enabled, false else
    //! Turn light on
    void illuminate(unsigned light = 0);
    //! Turn light off
    void blowout(unsigned light = 0);

    void setMaterialComponent(GLenum property, double r, double g, double b, double a = 1.0);    
    void setMaterialComponent(GLenum property, double intensity);    
    void setShininess(double exponent);
    void setLightComponent(GLenum property, double r, double g, double b, double a = 1.0, unsigned light=0);    
    void setLightComponent(GLenum property, double intensity, unsigned light=0);    

    //! Returns Light 'idx' rotation around X axis [-360..360] (some angles are equivalent)
00122     double xLightRotation(unsigned idx = 0) const { return (idx<8) ? lights_[idx].rot.x : 0;}
    //! Returns Light 'idx' rotation around Y axis [-360..360] (some angles are equivalent)
00124     double yLightRotation(unsigned idx = 0) const { return (idx<8) ? lights_[idx].rot.y : 0;}
    //! Returns Light 'idx' rotation around Z axis [-360..360] (some angles are equivalent)
00126     double zLightRotation(unsigned idx = 0) const { return (idx<8) ? lights_[idx].rot.z : 0;}

    //! Returns shift of Light 'idx 'along X axis (object coordinates)
00129     double xLightShift(unsigned idx = 0) const {return (idx<8) ? lights_[idx].shift.x : 0;} 
    //! Returns shift of Light 'idx 'along Y axis (object coordinates)
00131     double yLightShift(unsigned idx = 0) const {return (idx<8) ? lights_[idx].shift.y : 0;} 
    //! Returns shift of Light 'idx 'along Z axis (object coordinates)
00133     double zLightShift(unsigned idx = 0) const {return (idx<8) ? lights_[idx].shift.z : 0;}
        //! Returns true if valid data available, false else
00135     bool hasData() const { return (actualData_p) ? !actualData_p->empty() : false;}

            //! Emitted, if the rotation is changed
    void rotationChanged( double xAngle, double yAngle, double zAngle ); 
            //! Emitted, if the shift is changed
            void shiftChanged( double xShift, double yShift, double zShift );
            //! Emitted, if the viewport shift is changed
            void vieportShiftChanged( double xShift, double yShift );
            //! Emitted, if the scaling is changed
    void scaleChanged( double xScale, double yScale, double zScale );
            //! Emitted, if the zoom is changed
            void zoomChanged(double);
            //! Emitted, if the projection mode is changed
    void projectionChanged(bool);

public slots:

            void  setRotation( double xVal, double yVal, double zVal );                                                                                                                                                                                     
            void  setShift( double xVal, double yVal, double zVal );                                                                                                                                                                                        
            void  setViewportShift( double xVal, double yVal );                                                                                                                                                                                             
            void  setScale( double xVal, double yVal, double zVal );                                                                                                                                                                                        
            void  setZoom( double );                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
            void  setOrtho(bool);                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
            void  enableMouse(bool val=true); //!< Enable mouse input                                                                                                                                                                                       
            void  disableMouse(bool val =true); //!< Disable mouse input                                                                                                                                                                                    
            void  enableKeyboard(bool val=true); //!< Enable keyboard input                                                                                                                                                                                       
            void  disableKeyboard(bool val =true); //!< Disable keyboard input                                                                                                                                                                                    

    void enableLighting(bool val = true); //!< Turn Lighting on or off
    void disableLighting(bool val = true); //!< Turn Lighting on or off

    void    setLightRotation( double xVal, double yVal, double zVal, unsigned idx = 0 );                                                                                                                                                                                
            void  setLightShift( double xVal, double yVal, double zVal, unsigned idx = 0 );                                                                                                                                                                                   

    virtual bool savePixmap(QString const& fileName, QString const& format); //!<  Saves content to pixmap format
            //!  Saves content to vector format
    virtual bool saveVector(QString const& fileName, QString const& format, VectorWriter::TEXTMODE text, VectorWriter::SORTMODE sortmode);
            virtual bool save(QString const& fileName, QString const& format); //!<  Saves content

    typedef std::list<Qwt3D::Enrichment*> EnrichmentList;
    typedef EnrichmentList::iterator ELIT;
            void  initializeGL();
    void    paintGL();
    void    resizeGL( int w, int h );

            void mousePressEvent( QMouseEvent *e );
            void mouseReleaseEvent( QMouseEvent *e );
            void mouseMoveEvent( QMouseEvent *e );
            void wheelEvent( QWheelEvent *e );        

    void keyPressEvent( QKeyEvent *e );

    Qwt3D::CoordinateSystem coordinates_p;
            Qwt3D::Color* datacolor_p;
    Qwt3D::Enrichment* userplotstyle_p;
    EnrichmentList elist_p;

            virtual void calculateHull() = 0;
            virtual void createData() = 0;
    virtual void createEnrichment(Qwt3D::Enrichment& e){}
    virtual void createEnrichments();

            void createCoordinateSystem();
            void setHull(Qwt3D::ParallelEpiped p) {hull_ = p;}

    bool initializedGL() const {return initializedGL_;}

            enum OBJECTS
                  DisplayListSize // only to have a vector length ...
            std::vector<GLuint> displaylists_p;
    Qwt3D::Data* actualData_p;

    struct Light
      Light() : unlit(true){}
      bool unlit;  
      Qwt3D::Triple rot;
      Qwt3D::Triple shift;
    std::vector<Light> lights_;

    GLdouble xRot_, yRot_, zRot_, xShift_, yShift_, zShift_, zoom_
             , xScale_, yScale_, zScale_, xVPShift_, yVPShift_;
            Qwt3D::RGBA meshcolor_;
            double meshLineWidth_;
            Qwt3D::RGBA bgcolor_;
            Qwt3D::PLOTSTYLE plotstyle_;
            Qwt3D::SHADINGSTYLE shading_;
            Qwt3D::FLOORSTYLE floorstyle_;
            bool ortho_;
            double polygonOffset_;
            int isolines_;
            bool displaylegend_;
    bool smoothdatamesh_p;

            Qwt3D::ParallelEpiped hull_;

    Qwt3D::ColorLegend legend_;
            Label title_;
            Qwt3D::Tuple titlerel_;
            Qwt3D::ANCHOR titleanchor_;

    // mouse
    QPoint lastMouseMovePosition_;
            bool mpressed_;

            int xrot_mstate_, 

            bool mouse_input_enabled_;

            void setRotationMouse(ButtonState bstate, double accel, QPoint diff);
            void setScaleMouse(ButtonState bstate, double accel, QPoint diff);
            void setShiftMouse(ButtonState bstate, double accel, QPoint diff);

    // keyboard

            bool kpressed_;

            int xrot_kstate_[2], 

            bool kbd_input_enabled_;
    double kbd_rot_speed_, kbd_scale_speed_, kbd_shift_speed_;

            void setRotationKeyboard(int kseq, double speed);
            void setScaleKeyboard(int kseq, double speed);
            void setShiftKeyboard(int kseq, double speed);


    bool lighting_enabled_;
    void applyLight(unsigned idx);
    void applyLights();

    bool initializedGL_;

} // ns


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