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Qwt3D::StandardColor Class Reference

#include <qwt3d_color.h>

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Detailed Description

Standard color model for Plot3D - implements the data driven operator()(double x, double y, double z).

The class has a ColorVector representing z values, which will be used by operator()(double x, double y, double z)

Definition at line 39 of file qwt3d_color.h.

Public Member Functions

Qwt3D::ColorVectorcreateVector (Qwt3D::ColorVector &vec)
 Creates color vector.
void destroy () const
virtual Qwt3D::RGBA operator() (Qwt3D::Triple const &t) const
Qwt3D::RGBA operator() (double x, double y, double z) const
 Receives z-dependend color from ColorVector.
void reset (unsigned size=100)
 Resets the standard colors;.
void setAlpha (double a)
 Sets unitary alpha value for all colors.
void setColorVector (Qwt3D::ColorVector const &cv)
 StandardColor (Qwt3D::Plot3D *data, unsigned size=100)
 Initializes with data and set up a ColorVector with a size of 100 z values (default);.

Protected Attributes

Qwt3D::ColorVector colors_

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