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void Plot3D::assignMouse ( int  xrot,
int  yrot,
int  zrot,
int  xscale,
int  yscale,
int  zscale,
int  zoom,
int  xshift,
int  yshift 
) [inherited]

Sets the key/mousebutton combination for data/coordinatesystem moves inside the widget

default behaviour:

	rotate around x axis: Qt::LeftButton 
	rotate around y axis: Qt::LeftButton | Qt::ShiftButton
	rotate around z axis: Qt::LeftButton 
	scale x:              Qt::LeftButton | Qt::AltButton 
	scale y:              Qt::LeftButton | Qt::AltButton 
	scale z:              Qt::LeftButton | Qt::AltButton | Qt::ShiftButton
	zoom:                 Qt::LeftButton | Qt::AltButton | Qt::ControlButton
	shifting along x:     Qt::LeftButton | Qt::ControlButton 
	shifting along y:     Qt::LeftButton | Qt::ControlButton

mouseMoveEvent() evaluates this function - if overridden, their usefulness becomes somehow limited

Definition at line 159 of file qwt3d_mousekeyboard.cpp.

Referenced by Qwt3D::Plot3D::Plot3D().

      xrot_mstate_   =  xrot;  
  yrot_mstate_   =  yrot;  
  zrot_mstate_   =  zrot;  
  xscale_mstate_ =  xscale;
  yscale_mstate_ =  yscale;
  zscale_mstate_ =  zscale;
  zoom_mstate_   =  zoom;  
  xshift_mstate_ =  xshift;
  yshift_mstate_ =  yshift;

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