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Qwt3D::ColorLegend Class Reference

#include <qwt3d_colorlegend.h>

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Detailed Description

A flat color legend.

The class visualizes a ColorVector together with a scale (axis) and a caption. ColorLegends are vertical or horizontal

Definition at line 17 of file qwt3d_colorlegend.h.

Public Types

enum  ORIENTATION { BottomTop, LeftRight }
 Orientation of the legend. More...
enum  SCALEPOSITION { Top, Bottom, Left, Right }
 Possible anchor points for caption and axis. More...

Public Member Functions

void attach (Drawable *)
 ColorLegend ()
 Standard constructor.
void detach (Drawable *)
void detachAll ()
void draw ()
 Draws the object. You should not use this explicitely - the function is called by updateGL().
void drawNumbers (bool val)
 Sets whether the scale will have scale numbers.
void drawScale (bool val)
 Sets whether a scale will be drawn.
Qwt3D::Triple relativePosition (Qwt3D::Triple rel)
virtual void restoreGLState ()
virtual void saveGLState ()
void setAutoScale (bool val)
 Sets, whether the axis is autoscaled or not.
virtual void setColor (Qwt3D::RGBA rgba)
virtual void setColor (double r, double g, double b, double a=1)
void setLimits (double start, double stop)
 Sets the limit of the scale.
void setMajors (int)
 Sets scale major tics.
void setMinors (int)
 Sets scale minor tics.
 Sets legend orientation and scale position.
void setRelPosition (Qwt3D::Tuple relMin, Qwt3D::Tuple relMax)
 Sets the relative position of the legend inside widget.
void setScale (Qwt3D::SCALETYPE)
 Sets one of the predefined scale types.
void setScale (Qwt3D::Scale *scale)
 Sets another scale.
void setTitleFont (QString const &family, int pointSize, int weight=QFont::Normal, bool italic=false)
 Sets the legends caption font.
void setTitleString (QString const &s)
 Sets the legends caption string.

Public Attributes

Qwt3D::ColorVector colors
 The color vector.

Protected Member Functions

void Enable (GLenum what, GLboolean val)
Qwt3D::Triple ViewPort2World (Qwt3D::Triple win, bool *err=0)
 simplified glut routine (glUnProject): windows coordinates_p --> object coordinates_p
Qwt3D::Triple World2ViewPort (Qwt3D::Triple obj, bool *err=0)
 simplified glut routine (glProject): object coordinates_p --> windows coordinates_p

Protected Attributes

Qwt3D::RGBA color
GLdouble modelMatrix [16]
GLdouble projMatrix [16]
GLint viewport [4]

Private Member Functions

Qwt3D::ParallelEpiped geometry () const
void setGeometryInternal ()

Private Attributes

Qwt3D::Axis axis_
SCALEPOSITION axisposition_
Qwt3D::Label caption_
ORIENTATION orientation_
Qwt3D::ParallelEpiped pe_
Qwt3D::Tuple relMax_
Qwt3D::Tuple relMin_
bool showaxis_

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