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Plot2DSurface Class Reference

#include <Plot2DSurface.h>

Inheritance diagram for Plot2DSurface:

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Detailed Description

surface 2D Plot (density, contour)

Definition at line 12 of file Plot2DSurface.h.

Public Member Functions

LRange * ActRanges ()
void autoScaleX ()
void autoScaleY ()
void autoScaleZ ()
QColor Background ()
double Baseline ()
bool baselineEnabled ()
bool borderEnabled (int index)
int Brush ()
void clear ()
int ClipOffset ()
QColor Color (int value, int pal)
bool ColoredContour ()
QColor ContourColor ()
bool contourEnabled ()
bool densityEnabled ()
void draw (QPainter *p, int w, int h)
void drawAxes (QPainter *p, int w, int h)
void drawBorder (QPainter *p, int w, int h)
void drawCurves (QPainter *p, int w, int h)
void drawErrorBar (QPainter *p, int x, int y, int xleft, int xright, int ytop, int ybottom)
 draw errorbars for x-y-dy, x-y-dx-dy and x-y-dy1-dy2
void drawStyle (QPainter *p, Style s, int oldx, int oldy, int x, int y, int xmin, int xmax, int ymin, int ymax)
void enableBorder (int index, bool b)
void enableContour (bool e)
void enableDensity (bool e)
void enableGrid (int index, bool b)
Axis * getAxis (int i)
GraphList * getGraphList ()
class Legend * getLegend ()
QColor graphBackground ()
bool gridEnabled (int index)
QStringList Info ()
bool inside (double x, double y)
bool insideB1Corner (double x, double y)
bool insideB2Corner (double x, double y)
bool insideCenter (double x, double y)
bool insideF1Corner (double x, double y)
bool insideF2Corner (double x, double y)
bool insideLegend (int x, int y)
bool insidePlottingArea (double x, double y)
bool insideX1Border (double x, double y)
bool insideX2Border (double x, double y)
bool insideY1Border (double x, double y)
bool insideY2Border (double x, double y)
bool Mesh ()
int Number ()
void open (QTextStream *t, int version)
void openAxes (QTextStream *t, int version)
void openAxis (QTextStream *t, int version, Axis *axis, bool *gridenabled, bool *borderenabled, bool *minorgridenabled)
Point P1 ()
Point P2 ()
int Palette ()
 Plot2DSurface (Worksheet *p)
Point Position ()
LRange * Ranges ()
bool regionEnabled ()
double RegionMax ()
double RegionMin ()
bool Relative ()
void save (QTextStream *t)
void saveAxes (QTextStream *t)
void saveAxis (QTextStream *t, Axis *axis, int gridenabled, int borderenabled, int minorgridenabled)
void scaleXDown ()
void scaleXUp ()
void scaleYDown ()
void scaleYUp ()
void scaleZDown ()
void scaleZUp ()
void setActRanges (LRange *r)
void setBackground (QColor c)
void setBaseline (double b)
void setBaselineEnabled (bool e)
void setBorder (int item, bool on)
void setBrush (int b)
void setClipOffset (int c)
void setColoredContour (bool c)
void setContourColor (QColor c)
void setGraphBackground (QColor c)
void setMesh (bool m)
void setNumber (int n)
void setP1 (Point p)
void setP2 (Point p)
void setPalette (int p)
void setPosition (double x, double y)
void setPosition (Point p)
void setRanges (LRange *r)
void setRegionEnabled (bool e)
void setRegionMax (double max)
void setRegionMin (double min)
void setRelative (bool r)
void setSize (double x, double y)
void setSize (Point s)
void setThreshold (double t)
void setTransparent (bool t)
void setType (PType i)
void setXMax (int xmax, int X)
void setXMin (int xmin, int X)
void setXRange (double x1, double x2)
void setYMax (int ymax, int Y)
void setYMin (int ymin, int Y)
void setYRange (double y1, double y2)
void setZRange (double z1, double z2)
void shiftDown ()
void shiftLeft ()
void shiftRight ()
void shiftUp ()
Point Size ()
double Threshold ()
QString TicLabel (int axisnr, int atlf, int prec, QString dtf, double value)
 build the tic label string according to atlf
Label * Title ()
bool Transparent ()
PType Type ()

Protected Attributes

LRange actrange [3]
Axis axis [4]
double baseline
bool baseline_enabled
QColor bgcolor
int clipoffset
QColor gbgcolor
GraphList * graphlist
Legend legend
Point p1
Point p2
Point position
LRange range [3]
LRange region
bool region_enabled
Point size
Label * title
bool transparent
PType type
Worksheet * worksheet

Private Member Functions

int graph_segment (QPainter *p, double x1, double y1, double z1, double x2, double y2, double z2, double x3, double y3, double z3, double level)

Private Attributes

int brush
bool colored_contour
QColor contour_color
bool contourenabled
bool densityenabled
bool mesh
int number
int palette
bool relative
double threshold

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